Mahana mana

Mahana Dive, my little center!

“I swore I’d never fall in the growing up trap. Oh, my little center 🙂
So Mahana Dive has almost 20 years of existence in Huahine and I still have the same desire to communicate to others what the marine world brings us.

The world is moving too fast, so it is good to bathe in calm and harmony to find each other.

My encounter with Yoga was decisive. It is this spirit of simplicity, exchange and joy that I try to share when you come to my centre. Oh, nothing complicated, nothing crazy, no panic.
Simply, the dense medium of water forces us to communicate truthfully and unequivocally. It encourages exchanges: just stop and feel how it vibrates around us and between us!

Somebody said
“All that is, weaves the great All
And each vibrates and lives in the other”

Welcome to you all!”

Annie, April 2018