Avapehi Pass

  • Level required: Level 1 minimum or Open Water
  • Depth : dive between 10 m and 27 m

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The dive begins on the slope of a beautiful reef whose corals are in good shape and are growing well since 2010. When we enter the Pass we will be on a sandy bottom of 15 m which descends gently until 20 m then 26 m maximum. We find the boat after stops in the lagoon, on shallow coral bottoms.

In the pass, depending on the conditions, we come across an incredibly varied fauna: adult grey sharks that come to reproduce taking advantage of the current generated by the south-west swell, white tip sharks, a school of barracudas, a school of jacks with big eyes, tunas with hunting dog teeth, leopard rays and the list is not closed! Without question the most fishy pass of the Leeward Islands.