1 private dive for 3 or 4 people: 3h


Between you!

For a truer exploration, with special attention to your comfort and progress, so you can better blend into the aquatic environment.

For your first dive or a refresher course…

To help you get over the hurdle, relax and have all the time in the world with your loved ones to understand the technique and finally be able to relax during all your dives…

This is the solution!



If you’re a certified diver looking for a supervised exploration dive, a refresher course or a Level 1 course

We offer you a diving outing just for you, to enjoy and exchange with the environment calmly and respectfully.

In addition to explanations and advice for your dive, we’ll take the time to relax physically with stretching and to soothe ourselves mentally with special attention to our breathing for 30 minutes at the center. The dive sites are not far from each other, but can be reached in 5 to 10 minutes. See details of dives on the site. Allow 3 hours for this outing.

If you wish to take your Level 1 certification, a minimum of 4 dives is required. See our private package for 4 training dives.

Your first dive.

Your first dive is an important moment. So it’s good to feel calm and reassured by your guide.

In addition to relaxation, stretching and attention to breathing, explanations will be given to you, which are intended to reassure you, you’ll see… The advantage of being on a private outing will give you time and gentle supervision tailored directly to your needs.

The dive site is located in the lagoon, in a pretty coral garden full of fish. We evolve gradually between the surface and a maximum of 6m, and I follow your wishes and needs during our trip. This outing lasts 2H30-3H.

At the end of your dive, you’ll be offered tea or coffee with cookies or fruit.

We meet at the center in the morning at 7:15 or 9:15, at your convenience.

If you don’t want to take advantage of the stretching time, please let us know and we’ll meet you at 8 or 10 am.


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