2 private dives for 1 or 2 pers.


You’re a couple, you’re a two? Privatize our boat and choose two custom made dives. A team at your service, for a moment of calm and happiness. Departure every day at 8:15.



You’re a couple, you’re two, you are alone? Choose our two custom made dives. Two divers maximum. This is, for example, the best way to reassure someone who is not very comfortable. You benefit from the instructor’s full attention (instructor is often a woman) and support during the dives… You then continue on an exploration. Or, more experienced, you decide to make two explorations dives… It’s up to you.

You are among yourselves, a thousand places from the “club” atmosphere. No diving factory here, but one or two dive supervisors who know their island and diving perfectly, who have settled here for the charm and tranquility of an incomparable island. They will make you share a simple moment of happiness, calm and beauty. Luxury, you know.

The departure takes place in the morning at 8:15, the best time for visibility. Best chance to see the wildlife. The performance lasts about four hours.

Smaller groups are less disruptive to the environment. You see more animals, in peace for them and gently for you.

At the end of the dives, you will be offered a basket of Huahine fruits, tea or coconuts to drink. Paradise, we tell you…

XFP 67,000


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