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The sites on Huahine will allow you to rub shoulders with: Leopard rays, schools of barracuda, jacks, tuna, grey sharks, black tip sharks, white tip sharks and nurse sharks…but also in the world of the strange and the small : leaf fish, clown fish, sand moray eels, Thor’s shrimps, nudibranchs……Concerned about marine life, we will share with you our knowledge and our monitoring of the bottom and its occupants. We also meet dolphins while going to the sites as well as humpback whales during the season from August to November. Be careful, our approaches are rigorously respectful and rewarding of their presence. It is possible to make 2 dives in a row. We take a one hour break after the first dive. You will be able to take advantage of the pontoon of our base, located next to the village of Fare, to rest and sunbathe.

Book as we are a small structure that likes to stay small. We like to keep the privacy of our dives to preserve their tranquility (max 4 divers).

8500 CFP


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